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Help me find this style!


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Ok, so this is driving me nuts. I remember seeing some snippets of a modern-looking style mockup for XenForo posted somewhere recently, but I can't remember where and I can't find it at all. So I'm hoping somebody has seen it as well and knows what I'm talking about.

It was a really modern-looking, fresh, grayscale style that had an almost "pressed" and kind of Apple-like asthetic. If I remember correctly only bits and pieces were posted but it was very-professional looking.

I think they had a vBulletin version already and they were thinking of creating a more-refined XenForo version. It wasn't one of the major style devs, I hadn't really heard of the person before.

Anyways if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I'm going crazy. :p


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Yep, that's it, you guys rock! :D I guess I couldn't find it because it was in the Off Topic forum.

Thanks! :)


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Pretty sure he was, but I think it got moved since a. it's not an XF skin yet, and b. I think the Styles forum is only for releases, not discussions based on the style-to-be.


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I was under the impression that he was creating it for XenForo. Was I wrong?
I was under the same impression....
On the thread linked above, it was pointed out that the style he displayed, and his demo, were vBulletin. Someone said on a following post that they hoped he made the skin for XF too. He replied that he would consider making a few after he was finished with his own. By that, I'm assuming that he was just showing what he was doing with his own forum, which is not, apparently, XF. That's why Brogan moved the thread to Off-Topic. I'm still not sure why he was showing us a skin on his vB forum. :confused: