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Im looking for an addon that will restrict people from being able to post in certain forums until they have been registered X number of days and maybe made X number of posts. I know I could accomplish this with the built in mechanisms but Im trying to keep it simple. I saw this addon here a couple of weeks ago and now I cant seem to find it.

The built in mechanisms are simple enough to use and an add-on is not required.

Set the posting permissions to No for the Registered user group in the forums you want to restrict.

Create a user group promotion which promotes to a user group which has the permissions set to Yes.
Yea.. I know I could do it that way but Id really rather use an addon. It needs to be simple enough that people who dont really understand Xenforo can manage it.

If I got hit by a car tomorrow, Id like the other mods, etc to be able to keep things running.
An addon would literally be duplicating the systems already there... it takes 30 seconds to do what Paul has suggested.

Again, I appreciate the suggestion, I want to do it via addon. I know it exists, I just cant find it even after going through like 20 pages of addons.
Trust me. Add-ons do not necessarily make things simple. In fact they can add considerable complication down the line.

If you set up a user group promotion to achieve this it works now and it works forever because it’s a standard feature. If we make changes in the future we have to ensure all existing core functionality continues to work.

If you use an add-on for this, we can’t guarantee there are no bugs, we can’t guarantee it will work in the future and if it were ever to break that’s not something we can provide support with and the solution would likely be “set up a user group promotion”.

So, seriously, avoid using an add-on for this. Get it done (we can advise how if that’s an issue) and document the process in case you or your staff need to do it again or make changes in the future.
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