XF 1.5 Help installing on Hostek VPS?


New member
Hi there, so I've currently run into an issue installing Xenforo on a Hostek VPS. They say I need a domain before I can install Xenforo. I plan on getting a domain soon, but I still want to install Xenforo and set it up. I'm using the IP address to my VPS to access my server. When I put Xenforo into the root folder, the website shows the same thing as it did when I didn't have Xenforo in there. Is there any particular way I'm suppose to install it? Certain operating system? Different place to install it? I'm confused. I'd rather not pay someone to install it for me because I'm pretty good at figuring things out on my own once explained, but I'm stumped right now. Do I absolutely need to get a domain for it to be able to actually install? (Won't be able to get one until about a week from now) Any help is appreciated. Thanks!