HELP!! Few users can't access domain


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from last few days few users from different location are unable to access my domain name. They get HOST NOT FOUND .. I check server and they are not blocked by firewall, I also made them check their windows HOST file to see if they are blocking it.

Today one user reported that if he types url address in browser it does not work but when he types the website ip address then it works fine.

Can someone tell me how to fix this ?

If the IP address works fine, but the URL doesn't, then this is a DNS issue.

What kind of hosting are you on? Sounds like something you should speak to your hosts about if possible.

Also, if you have any CDN services such as CloudFlare or MaxCDN then you should also contact them as they often redirect users via different DNS servers etc.
I have no CDN.
At first I thought it was DNS issue too, but if it was then everyone or majority would be affecting by this. Right now there are about 4 to 6 users with this issue rest are okay.
I am thinking it is something from their ISP.
But I wanna make sure that everything is good by my side.
I got dedicated server, managed by me.
Have a quick look to see that most things are fine here:

If they are, and it sounds like it's not server side, ask them to temporarily switch to OpenDNS or Google DNS to see if it solves the problem. If it does, then it's their issue / ISP issue.
cPanel / WHM should have already created A records for you when you setup the domain. You can manually add records in WHM in "Edit A DNS Zone"
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