XF 1.5 HELP! Admin area totally wiped after add-on


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Running Xenforo 1.5.4 and downloaded:

https://xenforo.com/community/resources/remove-gender.2433/ which appears to be compatible with 1.5

I went to addons - install from uploaded file - and chose the XML file. It went to processing, then seemed to hang a bit, and now any admin related page is just 100% blank. View Source = totally blank.

I have tried disabling listeners in config.php but it had no effect.

Any thoughts?


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I did try $config['enableListeners'] = false; and noticed that my other addons did get disabled, but it had no effect on accessing my admin area.


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Go to <url>/install/ and rebuild the master data. That should fix it.


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Big thanks to M@rc for helping me out with this. He was able to fix the issue. @Mike, I believe the action he took was your suggestion which was to rebuild the master data.

Off to make backups :D