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Maybe im rude right now but this is like the 2/3 time i ask support or posting something and that Brogan from xenforo just closes my post just like that i cant even respond wtf is this im a ****ing customer i bought xenforo a while ago i expect some kind of kindness towards their costumers sry for bad englisch but i dont like when that brogan closes my posts all the time always **** support i call that


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The thread was closed as it related to a transfer for a license which is ineligible to be transferred.

You were previously advised the same in the ticket you submitted last month.

The other thread was closed as it was also related to a transfer/sale.


XenForo developer
Staff member
Your last questions have been customer account related and are therefore not appropriate for the forum. If you have any questions in that regard, you should submit a ticket via your customer area. If you are seeing support for specific issues, then you can post in one of the support forums or submit a ticket via your customer area.

Similarly, this thread will be closed. If you have problems with a moderator's action, you should contact the moderator directly or submit a ticket.
Not open for further replies.