hello to all

Hi Bella always good to see another lady admin arrive. The guys here are good and lots of knowledge, help and skill. Less dickwaving than in most communities. So pitch in and tell us about your project.
Bella Anderson was last seen: Today at 7:42 AM (Oct 29, 2012).
Bella seems like a xrumer post to me.
Agreed, I new that the first time I saw the post but thought it was funny, and I couldn't find exact phrase matches in Google, so this is a fairly original script (the sentence is made up of several individual random parts, and hasn't been used much.. the botter is either fairy new or just testing)

But... Xrumer can be good at sparking discussions of just funny strange threads like this... I had one start a debate about the meaning of life... it started it and never came back, but boy did the thread go on!

Sometimes scripts owners, on successful registration do come back, so a human response is not always indicative that Xrumer has not been used, but sentences that look like they have been chopped from 3 or more constructs and just seem a little "odd" are often indicative of Xrumer usage

Xrumer versions that breaks ReCaptcha: Xrumer 7.0.10 Elite (release ~ 12/1/2012)
Xrumer versions that breaks the update of ReCaptcha very effectively: XRumer 7.5.28 ELITE Beta 2 (release ~ 27-08-2012)

I think this was a 7.5.26 beta 2 ... just a guess from the release dates and registration date for the user (Aug 28, 2012)

I know if I was using the latest version, one of the places I might try for a testing ground (for pure core functionality) would be the XF forums.
Also, I belive this forum is listed on their LinksList XenForo.txt (but there are more than 30k Xenforo forums listed)

You are mighty dedicated to this game to be surfing on forums
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