Hello Everyone!


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Hello everyone, my name is Iestyn, but known around the internet as Stormraven. I'm 21 and I love coding and working with online communities =] I've heard a lot about Xenforo recently, odd name for a forum sytem but I thought I'd join to see what all the craze is about =]

Hope to get to know you all a bit better soon =] Please don't hesitate to PM me, I enjoy chatting to people =D


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Welcome onboard - you can't PM here, you have to PC (Private Conversation) - I'll start one as an example.


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Welcome out Stormraven. There is an explanation on the xenForo name within a thread somewhere. I searched around a bit and couldn't find it. Search and I don't get along very well sometimes :cool:


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Welcome Stormraven, we're just about to have a group sing along as those rock or something ....


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First you think it sounds kinda odd, then you like how it looks, then you start posting, then you start to like it even more, then you're addicted ;)

Welcome :)