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XF 1.3 Header Modification

I'm trying to get an image (actually a flash script) to run in the upper right hand corner of my header. A regular div float: right ends up bottom left. Even a div position: top ended up at the bottom.

In on placement I got it up at the top, but it split the Nav Bar and broke a couple of other things. Can any one put me on the right trail?

Steve F

Well-known member
try using the ad_header template and wrap it in a div with some inline styling.

<div style="float: right; position: relative; top: 0;">

Not sure that exact styling will get what you need but should be close.
Ah - I forgot about ad_header template. But this is what I get with that code. Any suggestions - I'm just hit and miss, and firing in the dark with html. :)
ad header.png
AH HAH - I think I'm getting close. A little padding and I'm there I think. Now I know what it means to "wrap it in a div."

Care to help me with the simplest way to drop that down a bit???
ad header 101.png