Lack of interest header drop down / orange "Sign Up Now" button


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change the big orange button "Sign Up Now" into 2 buttons.
One button saying "Register" and forwarding to the page "" and the other button saying "Log-in" and forwarding to the page "" directly, without the drop-down-header animation.

This will make it easier for users to go directly to the respective pages and avoid the "header-drop-down" as some users seem to have issues with it.

Still having the "header-drop-down Login" at the very top-right. This should remain as is.

As it is currently implemented, both buttons (the big orange "Sign Up Now" and the small black "Log in or Sign up") are actually doing the same thing in triggering the "header-drop-down", which is some kind of double-dipping.

With this suggestion, we would give the user another option to easily get to the pages directly.

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