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Okay, so as you may know, I'm very new to Xenforo. I've searched for guidance on this, but the only answer I found was something explaining that the ideal size of your logo and header background are based on your own needs. I get that, and that is true. That said, I'm hoping to be able to come up with something that looks great in both Desktop and Mobile viewports.

My forum is at https://narniafans.com/forum

Does anyone have a design for their forum that is clean, establishes the atmosphere of the community, and achieves a great look for their community forum that I could see for inspiration?

What width and height did you use for your background image? What CSS did you use so that the background there did not repeat, etc?

What about your logo? What dimensions did you use for your logo?

I know these are arbitrary based on your forums, but I'm willing to give things a try, seeing as I'm starting out fresh.
I love the way your logo appears in the upper area and then disappear (mobile version) Do you use any addon? good overall design!
It shouldn't disappear, it should just shift down to the default position in the navbar when you scroll down. We use a custom template modification there, but @BassMan has an add-on that does it.

When you're logged in there's extra tools above the navbar as well.
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No debería desaparecer, simplemente debería cambiar a la posición predeterminada en la barra de navegación cuando se desplaza hacia abajo. Usamos una modificación de plantilla personalizada allí, pero [USER = 55405] @BassMan [/ USER] tiene un complemento que lo hace.

Cuando inicias sesión, también hay herramientas adicionales encima de la barra de navegación.

I also use that addon. My logo disappears and goes down in the web version, but in the mobile version it is fixed all the time, you can see it in stadianos.com
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