XF 1.1 "he"/"she" translation question


In the English language you use the same verb for female and male.
for example you can say:
HE is WALING the road
SHE is WALKING the road

There are some languages where there is a different verbs for male and female.
for example you say:

HE is X the road.
SHE is Y the road.

The forum system asks every new member for his/hers sex.

I would like to know if it is possible to use different strings based on user's sex?
for example in the "Phrases" section you wold write: SHE is X{operator}Y the road.
and the operator will choose X or Y based on user's sex.


Jake Bunce

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That will require custom programming. I haven't fully explored this, but you probably need to modify XenForo_Phrase to add a param for the visitor's gender to each phrase call. And you probably need to modify the template/phrase compiler to support a conditional operator inside of phrases.

You can post a request:


I suspect it's more trouble than it's worth.


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The problem is that a lot of the phrases aren't necessarily referring to the visitor either -- even the same phrase's context person may vary by usage -- so the "target" would really need to be passed into the phrase.