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XF 1.4 Translation question

I'm retranslating 1.4.1 into Finnish, and have three questions:

I'm on line "confirm_deletion_of_x_threads", and the English phrase is:

Confirm deletion of {cound} threads
Is that supposed to be 'cound'? Or is it a mis-typed 'count'?

The second question is about locating the phrases in the system. Is there an easy way to find where the phrases are put into use? There are many phrases that can translate to different words in Finnish depending on the context, but the language file doesn't provide sufficient hint as to what the context for any given word is. For instance, the phrase "comment_verb" ("Comment") could translate to "Kommentti" (a comment), or "Kommentoi" (comment, as an action). In this case '_verb' implies that the latter is likely the right choice, but in many cases there is no such hint present, and I have just marked such words for later scrutiny if they show up looking funny in the system.

Finally, I've been wondering that once I have all 5000+ phrases translated, and the next iteration of xenForo comes out, is there an easy way to 'diff' between the files to get the new phrases that have been added (or, perhaps, modified) since the previous version.

Thanks for any insights on this!

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It is a typo, but the same typo exists in the thread_batch_update_confirm template too when referencing the parameter so in itself it's not a huge problem.

The first place to check for where a phrase is used is by searching the templates for it.

You can search Admin Templates only if Debug mode is enabled. Sometimes phrases are used directly in PHP files too so occasionally it is worth using a decent application like Notepad++ or even better a PHP IDE to search all files in the library/XenForo directory recursively for files containing the phrase name.

In subsequent versions of XenForo, if new phrases are added, go to Search Phrases:


Selecting Untranslated will show only phrases you haven't yet translated. These will likely have been added since the new version.

Any phrases that have changed since you translated them will be marked as "Outdated" and will be viewable from the "Outdated Phrases" page.