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XF 1.4 Having to refresh page in order to view Alerts


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We are running into 2 issues, neither of these issues are coming up as Server Errors.

1. When receiving a conversation sometimes the server just keeps on going, like there is a small block box with a white - that keeps on moving (kinda like the hour glass effect) - and we have to refresh the page in order to view the alert or conversation. Not sure why its locking up?

2. When receiving an alert nothing shows up in the Flag area, we have to refresh the page in order to view the red #s of alerts we have.

Forgot to mention the hour glass effect also happens sometimes when were just idling on the site out of no where.

Pix are attached



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The standard troubleshooting steps apply.

Disable all add-ons.
Test in a completely default unedited style, with no additional JS from ad providers, etc.