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[XTR] Keyword Alert System - Set up your list of keywords that you’d like to receive notifications of and keep track of keywords.

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What is Keyword Alert System?

Users sometimes find it hard to review all of the posts and comments in the community.
Keyword Alerts System allows you to receive notifications when specific keywords are used in your community. You might want to set up keyword alerts because certain words and phrases aren’t allowed in your community, because you want to be able to react to them quickly, or for generally monitoring activity in your community.


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That's awesome :D

One feature would be very cool to be added:

If you put in the keyword @username123 , you get alerted when the user username123 posts. (With a link to that post)

Why? It's a good way to identify spammers, because many of them are sleepers for some time and then start posting. So you can flag shady accounts and then get alerted.
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