XF 1.4 Having the "Upload" in the Title?

So after about 10 demos I tried over the last few months, I decided to finally purchase a licence. ;)

Before I go live, I decided to install everything on a test site just to make sure I felt comfortable in what I was doing.

The process was pretty painless, and uploaded fine. The only issue I have is that the word "upload" is in my title. I'm pretty sure I deleted that part when given the option to during the final steps of install, so not sure why it's still there.

This will only be a test site for me to try things out, so not too worried about it; but when I install for real, I would prefer to not have the upload in the title- so any advice or guidance to what I may have done wrong- so I don't do it again, would be very much appreciated.

An example of what I am talking about- http://mysite.com/upload/index.php


Mr Lucky

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In future, when upgrading or installing addons, upload only the stuff from inside the upload directory, not the directory itself. I see how it can be a bit misleading.
Thanks. I've been able to upload themes with no problem, but am having issues getting addons added so far. I have been using SMF for the last couple of years, and I am used to just downloading an addon and uploading it through the acp's package manager. Pretty easy, and I guess I got spoiled. ;)

So from what I am reading, basically download an addon, etxract it, and then only upload whatever is inside the addon's upload files using ftp? Is there a way to be able to upload the addon through cpanel and extract it there by chance?


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Yes, you can upload the .zip using File Manager in cPanel, extract it on the server, then move the files accordingly.