MG 1.1 Having a lot of 404's as Media gallery thumbnails

Nicky Vermeersch

Active member
When visiting the Media Gallery, I get a lot of 404 errors when I'm looking at albums, I suppose the thumbnail must have been corrupted or it is missing. I tried to Rebuild Cache > Rebuild Xenforo Media Gallery Thumbnails but it does not seem to fix the issue.

I ran some image optimisations on the filesystem through jpegoptim and pngoptim, maybe this is related to it?

For example, this is one of the 404's:

391-fe2a7da7952fb24a086d61614ec9e6db.jpg:1 GET 404 (Not Found)

However when I search for the image on the xengallery, I find the 391 image but with a different hash 3e381b60c884bd2828ad981b5fe9ea1e.jpg

This all is very logic, as there is effectively no image to serve so the 404 is fine, but how is it possible that the file suddenly changed of hash without updating the Xengallery somehow? Can I fix this someway?