Have your usage of forums changed?


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I like forums, recently renewed my xf licence for my private community, so i am not bashing forums, nor saying they are dead etc, but it dawned on me the other day apart from this forum or my own role play forum, i never use them, if i am looking for tips on wow i google World of warcraft reddit, if i am looking for recipes i will look up a cooking blog or a reddit, facebook group etc

As soon as i hear of a new book, movie, tv show, game or news event i am 99% of the time going to look for a reddit to discuss it and the thought to join a forum to discuss it literally never even crosses my mind.

Curious how many other admins rarely use forums other than their own?


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I don't look for forums and seek out a place to discuss topics. Forums eventually find me from a Google search or some website I passed by.

I actively use several forums. On some I ask questions, on some I answer questions, on others I talk about topics I'm interested in when someone makes an interesting discussion.


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I'd have to say my usage of forums has gone down massively. Even in searches, my information is now ending up coming from somewhere else where I don't have to search pages of posts for the answer. The more I think about it, the more I understand why. Using forums from my phone just isn't that simple.


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My forum usage is about the same as it was in the past, or has increased. Partly due to the specialized nature of the topics, and the quality of discussions.

I do not trust sites like Reddit--I think the quality of discussions on any I've seen are total crap. Typical Internet trolls and such, who think their ill-informed opinions matter. I have taken to blocking Reddit in my search results in Google. As for sites like StackExchange (and those in their network), I dislike the elitist "holier than thou" attitudes of many on there, and find the advice given to often be incorrect with too much infighting and heavy-handed moderation. At least with forums, the members are more friendly, and the posers/trolls are easily weeded out, thanks to other members calling them out.

Many forums I am part of are still growing.