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Have you every used the Facebook "Give me Attention" (or "Poke") Feature?


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Have you every used the Facebook "Give me Attention" (or "Poke") Feature?

I was wondering if someone ever uses it...
What's it useful for?


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Other than the unexplained endless poking from a few of my friends, the only reason I use it is to say "hey, I'm thinking of you, but I don't need a big ol' wall post to explain it." *shrug* It's not really all that useful otherwise, IMO.


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In the past, I believe if you poked someone who wasn't your friend, they would be able to see a bit more details about you and some more pictures. Not sure if facebook privacy settings prevent this now. Anyway, it just sounds dirty.


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A couple of close friends, and I, use the poke feature, when we really have nothing to say, but just want to convey that we're thinking about each other.
Nice little thing to do.