XF 2.2 Have a special user group after registration?


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Is this possible?

Peter registers.
Peter is now in the moderation queue.
Peter is also in the user group "Maybe we like him?"
This user group has write-permissions to one specified forum with the name "Show us your skills in writing a post!"

In a good scenario we have now:

  • new use in mod queue
  • new thread in mod queue

I can read the post, and if i like it i welcome the new user and his post.
If not I delete both.

My question one more time:

Can I promote like:

  • has registered
  • is moderated

then set usergroup: Maybe we like him?"

I am a lazy one, I should try it for myself ...
You can set a user group promotion to trigger after they have at minimum 1 post. And since the posts are moderated this is likely what you want. A post in the moderation queue will not increase post count unless it is manually approved.
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