Has anyone had success converting from Jcink?

So far all the information I've found about converting from jcink to xenforo has been converting via phpBB using an unsupported converter and then upgrading and converting to Xenforo. Is there an easier way? Alternately, is there technical support available to help me through the conversion? I keep hitting snags converting my test database to phpBB and I don't want to commit to Xenforo until I know I'll be able to bring most of my data with me.
It's not uncommon to go via a third party converter on another platform when there's no direct migration path available. It's usually the only way.

We'd be unable to help with the Jcink to phpBB conversion as we're unfamiliar with that, but certainly if you were to have any issues converting from phpBB 3.0 or 3.1 to XF we would do our best to help with that.

In case it helps, you can see a list of the forum software we can import from here:

So if you're having too much trouble going from Jcink to phpBB you might want to try one of the others (MyBB and SMF are both free forum software).

Good luck!
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