Hard Coded Strings?


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So I went through and changed phrases "trophies" to achievements" and "trophy" to "achievement" using the filter function.

However, all throughout the help section, those phrases have not changed. Am I missing something?

Chris D

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So there's the help_index page.

That contains a phrase: {xen:phrase you_can_earn_trophies_by_carrying_out_different_actions}

That'll need to be changed.

What else specifically hasn't changed? The rest of the Help content to do with Trophies seems phrased with the usual {xen:phrase trophy} and {xen:phrase trophies} phrases.

EDIT: Oh and {xen:phrase no_trophies_have_been_created_yet} but probably not relevant.


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I'm an idiot as usual. I double checked and I didn't change the string as I thought. I noticed it was teh same word, so I filtered for it. It was bright red, so I assumed I changed it. However, when I actually viewed it, I hadn't changed it.

So disregard this topic. :p