Happy 10 year anniversary XenForo Community


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Hey XF community,

Just wanted to wish the entire team at XenForo a very happy 10 year anniversary. 10 years ago today this community forum was instanced :D I may get some of the dates wrong, so forgive me, but we put a brief little video together to show how the agency I help run, Audentio, has grown alongside XenForo the last decade.

Before I post that, just wanted to personally express my gratitude to everyone at XF. From the bottom of my heart, this business and community has helped shape my entire career, friendships, and entire life. And I am so very grateful for being a part of this community. I have made lifelong friends, clients, relationships, learned life lessons and things Ill take with me forever.

From the moment I saw the Style Properties system, I knew I was in love. I came from vB, InvisionFree, IPB, SMF, MyBB, for reference, and had a lot of experience in running communities prior to XF. But I knew this is where I wanted to call home. I knew XF would make it through IB lawsuit, even if it was tough or even crippling at times. Here we all are...ten years later. You guys fought the good fight and won. And the community software is always getting better and reaching new bounds.

If anyone would like to organize a gaming event or celebration (Zoom or Meet) it'd be great to facetime with everyone a bit. Doesn't have to be today per se, there is the official gold release to celebrate as well if we want. But count me in if we do that. Message below if you'd be interested.

Anyways, I could talk all day to @Kier @Mike @Brogan @Chris D (and the entire team!) about all the thanks I have. To the next great milestone, all the luck in the world.

And to the community, thanks for letting me be a part for so long as well. With the people, the resource devs, the language pack creators, the designers, the debaters, the trolls, the haters, the fan*s, everyone -- that is what has helped push this community forward. Whether you've been here since the beginning (say hi in comments) or somewhere along the journey. Thanks for being here all together.

To XenForo! 🍻

PS Here is that video

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If it was formed 10 years ago today it is the 9th anniversary. It was the 1st anniversary at the end of the first year. See you next year! :D

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Happy 10 year anniversary XenForo!. I joined this community exactly 10 years ago and it's been a great experience!

Cheers to the next 10 years!
Happy 10th Anniversary to Xenforo Community!

I joined in 2014 when we were starting up Wondercafe2 and had decided on Xenforo, but did not post for the first time until 2016 when I was planning to upgrade to 1.5.11 (per my first post). I wasn't actually maintaining the software at the beginning or I might have started earlier.
Congrats on the 10th Anniversary XenForo Community! Very thankful to be able to take part in this community, use this piece of software, and be part of this outstanding team known as Audentio! 🎉
I've had no excuse for the last 9 years for forgetting my wife's birthday :D
I still remember always thinking Wayne Luke had an insane amount of posts, back when vB was a thing. Today he has 66k posts, having started in 2000. Brogan has 58k posts, having started in 2010.

...yeah, forgetting wife's birthday checks out.
Just saw the Xenforo Insight post and realized it's been 10 years... since 1.0.0 beta 1 was released....wow! Time flies.


I do miss those prices though 😛

Wonder if there is going to be any sales/discounts as a 10th anniversary special sale.
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