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I've been working with this for a while setting up a new multi-gaming community where we will run gameservers and what not and would like some feedback. There isn't much activity cause we haven't officially started the social part. We're mostly focused on the Battlefield series in America (latency wise).

Let me know what you think and how can we improve.


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Interesting, no feedback at all?
Let me be the first then :)

You might wanna change the backround color of that box, some of the sub-nav links disappears in that color. Other than that, the theme speaks for itself. Good luck with your site.


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Couple of things here that I liked, namely the moving of the search box up towards the top (though it is now taking up a great spot for a banner advert) and the separation of the main menu bar too.

The header looks nice and I like the fact you've kept faithful to XenForo's minimalist postbit, so many forums just stuff it back full of stats :)


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Thanks for the comments. We've updated once more our header/logo and would love to hear some feedback on it. Most of our members/friends seem to really enjoy it, but would like to hear a bit more on this. :)