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Add-on Guild related addon questions

I want to implement the following feature for my forums and I'm trying to see if there is an easy way to do it using addons that already exist, as getting addons made seems to be more of a hassle than I was expecting:

My forums are a fansite for a game that has guilds. I want to offer guilds the option to have their own private subforums. Guild leaders would be able to accept people into the guild or remove people from it (they would presumably tell their guild mates in game to sign up for the site, then have them send requests to join on the site, I don't imagine any of that being automated).

Guilds would be able to decide which of their members have moderation permissions for their sub forums, and people outside of the guild wouldn't be able to view the guild subforums without joining.

I think this basically amounts to creating private social groups within the site.

From what little I understand (I'm very new at all of this) I could theoretically achieve most of this by simply setting user groups and permissions, but I think it would get complicated and confusing very quickly.

I've found two addons that seem like they may be relevant to my needs. One is Nobita Social Groups, and the other is Social Groups by Waindigo.

My questions are:

Which of these is more likely to suit my needs?
Is there another relevant addon I've missed?
How easy are these addons to implement and use (for a noob like me)?
Is there a better way of doing this that I haven't considered?
Is there someone out there who has tried both and can give some sort of comparison?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Edit: I see this has been moved to add on requests. I'm a bit confused as I'm not requesting a new addon, I'm just looking for advice on the best existing addon for my needs. Just clarifying that in case anyone sees this here and assumes I'm putting up a request for work to be done, as I'm not. Thanks.
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Coming from vBulletin which had these type of roster addons. I can say neither will be exactly what your looking for. There just hasn't been a great roster type addon for Xenforo.
Thanks for the reply. You've tried them both? I understand I'm not going to find a ready made solution that perfectly fits my needs, but is one notably better than the other in any way?


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I've not used nobita's addon only due to the cost. I've used all others and have pretty quickly uninstalled them. It was easier and not as cluttered to just make either custom profiled fields or secondary usergroups. However if you don't want to do that, Nobita's sounds like it might just be customizable enough to accomplish what your after. However, I have never used it , only heard what others have said about it. Another option might be , visit the showcase and hitup some of the gaming communities around and see what they are using for group management.