XF 2.2 Guidance on updating an add-on for 2.2


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(This is my best guess at the least inappropriate forum to ask this ;) Sooo many forums though, so I probably got it wrong!)

I've googled and was a bit surprised that I failed to find the answer to this one, but I'm an utter noob at add-ons so...
Is there any kind of guidance about API and other changes between 2.1 and 2.2 which affect add-ons?
I'm hoping to work out how much effort it would be to tweak a (fairly simple) in-house add-on to make it work on 2.2. It worked nicely on 2.1 so hopefully it'll be semi-trivial.
We mostly avoid major breaking changes between second point releases though they aren’t entirely avoidable.

I would generally expect most 2.1 add-ons to work without issue.

If it doesn’t, the best way to approach it is to post here with the specific issue and from there the fix should be straight forward.
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