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Ok so Imported an IPS forum on a new VPS to test - All is good

Some questions

1. How can I easily Diabled all search engines - Doesn't XF generate a robots.txt ?

2. How can I disable all viewing of all forums to make it completely private ? I have seen then unregistered permissions in ACP and then you have too set all to no or never - but is there a global quick way to disable ALL guests ?

3. Following on from above - a Guest can see a register page and can register with admin approval - they can then only see a store where they can pay to upgrade their membership to enable them to view all forums

4. The IPS suite had paid up members with subs (yearly) so im guessing I have lost this ? So how do I manually tag the members for the upgrade as obviously they have paid and then set their expiry date to XX months in the future so they can then pay there subs and renew etc
You can upload a robots.txt file to the domain root.
This is what is used here: https://xenforo.com/robots.txt

Just set the main View permission for the unregistered user group to No.

Registrations can be set to admin approval.

The permissions related to the store can be set per user group as required.

Unless there is some way of searching for those members, such as a dedicated user group, they would have to be identified manually.
All members are in the usergroup - thats not come over - so I know who they are per-se

And I can look at the IPS forum as well to double check (as still live)

So how do I set up a paid for user group with yearly renewal - and then add these to it with expiry dates ?

Robots.txt done thank you

User-agent: *
Disallow: /
Im not sure I understand - So if I set to Never and then change it to Yes - Its still on Never ? :confused:

And was the image above (this one) correct ?

Thankyou by the way
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