Fixed Guests able to view albums for members only


If a guests clicks on the media tab they cannot see albums for members only. If they click on the widget as shown here on this web site clicking the recent videos and images they then are able to view the albums that are meant for members only. I hope its ok to use this website as an example of the widget.
I am using the widget XFMG: Media slider and display personal albums is enabled.
If I change the album to album owner only it goes away. I think I am missing something.
Thanks for any help.


I noticed this same problem when Google was crawling member pictures it shouldn't have been, pictures in albums restricted to members.

This issue was reported a month ago (this thread), a URL was provided to demonstrate the problem almost a month ago, as of today the problem still exists (including on here). I can browse both toejam's album as well as view the picture while not logged in. Will this be fixed in the next update? This is a privacy issue after all. Seems like it has a low priority.

Chris D

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It is fixed for the next release.

You can fix the issue now with a fairly simple file edit.

Edit: src/addons/XFMG/Entity/Album.php and find this on line 91:
if ($this->user_id)
and replace with:
if ($visitor->user_id)


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I actually have this exact same issue on XF 2.1..
Any ideas how we can fix this please?
Basically I have the gallery with some categories for logged in members only to view, one open.
But upon clicking media, when in a different browser and not logged in - I can see members albums.
Many thanks!