Guest Viewing and force membership

Damien Alexander

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Hello, I'm a bit lost on what to do here so I'm gonna tell you guys my plan so I can know what are the add-ons I need to buy.

I have a XenForo where we only use the Gallery. On my last thread the advice I got worked to use Gallery pretty much as the main app and hiding forums away.

Now I have this situation: I need guests to view photos on the gallery but after click on or view X amount of photos I want them to force them to register, and upon registering I want them to choose a user upgrade they have to buy to become a member.

How can I make all this possible and what add ons do I need? I know theres 2 addons I found on here that restrict guest viewing but I dont know which one works for XFMG. And when they are about to sign up how do I force them to choose an upgrade I create.
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