Force members to read the rules (after Registration and on Warning)


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Now that its no longer needed to agree to the rules on registration, please consider a feature that in my opinion is essential functionality: Force members to read the rules.

After a member is registered, they should not be able to post and be directed to the the rules page.
The admin should be able to set what the member can do before agreing with the rules.
Only after an amount of time has passed, the member should be able to agree with the rules. After all it takes time to read rules.
The admin should be able to set the time that needs to go by.
A counter should display how much time there is left to pass and a text explaining the feature.
Once the time has gone by the member can agree and is granted permission to post.

Optimally, a Warning would reset this and would require members to read the rules again.
If the rules are updated then the admin should be able to force all members to agree with the updated rules.
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For legal reasons its important to have on record when the user last agreed to the rules / ToS. It proved to be critical several times in the past. For this reason it really needs to be tied to the rules.

It would be nice to have it in core so that addons can build upon it.

A general comment about essential functions as addons: A problem with xenforo is that we need a lot of addons. Often we need to have addons rely upon addons or even one step further. IMHO the Xenforo should try to avoid such dependencies as it creates complexities or even impossibilities. Especially when one of those addons is a mess. (not relating to a specific addon here and certainly not to any of your excellent work)
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