Guest Thread/Post IP Address Option Not Showing to Admin

Hello Team,
I am having 2 websites on xenforo. One of the website is showing option to check the ip address of guest user after posting the thread and second is not showing that option. I want to know that where I have to check for this. Please check the below images:

Website 1 = Showing IP Address Option
Website 2 = Not Showing IP Address Option

Please check the issue and help me regarding the same! I'm waiting for reply!


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I have moved the thread as this is not a bug.

Ensure the relevant permission is enabled for viewing IP addresses.
Thanks for Your Reply Mr. Brogan,

Can you please tell me that how can I make changes in permission to view the IP for admin. Please help me as I must have to check the IP addresses of my all users.

Nishant Kumar
Hello Brogan, Thanks for replying!
Please check the permission section of admin. All sections are already given the permissions as "Allow" but still I am not able to get the IP option as the below image.
Please help me and tell that what kind of problem I'm facing with IP. Suggest me that how can I get back this IP option. I must required this option because I always have to check the locations of my users.


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You should use the permission analyzer to check what the final permission is. Make sure you check both the global setup and the forum-specific permissions for where you're checking.