XF 1.2 Guest Can see nodes but not threads.


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My XF has some private and some open viewed by guest.

The category is set to allow guest.
The User node permissions say allow guest
Yet the forums under the Category show but not contents, they still say private to guest I want them viewed.

I can create new nodes and the setting work fine, however converting the current nodes to be seen
by guest does not.
I made a sample category, with a subforum, guest were able to see fine, I made a page also worked fine.
Checked the same settings and duplicated them on the existing nodes but will not show contents.

I have checked the XF help pages and they were to limited to help figure this out following the directions there
did not seem to help me find the correct answer. I must have something not set up right somewhere.

Thank You .


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They once were blocked from guest not seen at all, I changed them to allow. The group also shows allow view.
I was thinking at once it was a group issue but they say allow view. So setting the node to allow should have fixed it ?


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I was wrong I posted and the new category shows as well but wont show contents to guest .

But old category show up fine for guest .


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Found it , the permission on group was set to never for contents of thread. I set to allow and its ok.
Not sure why old threads showed . But never the less resolved.