XF 1.4 Group-specific posting permissions

Hopefully my question is a simple one...

What I'm looking to do is lock down my forum. When someone first joins, they'll be in a usergroup, which I'll probably call 'pending user'. I would like to make it so that this user group has posting permissions, but exclusively in the board used for applications, and the help/support board.

Additionally, I would like to expand this functionality. My board is centered around an RP community, and so there are boards dedicated to storing lore. What I would like to do is lock down those boards so that only members in the 'lore' usergroup can post there, everyone else having the ability to read.

From what I have seen, there is a way to toggle posting globally, but I have yet to find a user-specific or group-specific method of doing this.

Any help on this topic will be appreciated.


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Firstly, all members should have the Registered group as their primary user group. See this guide for details on how XenForo permissions work.

Implementing permissions across multiple user groups

For the Registered group (which will function as your pending group), revoke the "Post new thread" and "Post replies" permissions in all nodes except for Applications and help/support.

You will need to create a Members group that you add pending members to who pass the application process. For this group, set the "Post new thread" and "Post replies" permissions in all nodes to Allow that you had revoked for the Registered group except for the nodes where you will be storing lore.

For the Lore group that you create, set the "Post new thread" and "Post replies" permissions in the Lore nodes to Allow.

Users in the Lore group would also be in the Members group (and Registered, naturally).

This guide on permissions which also covers node permissions is useful.

Understanding Permissions