Implemented Group Promotions


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Within my current VB forum i rely heavily on the usergroup promotion system , can this please be intergrated into xenForo.

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steven s

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Surprised not to see this yet.
I'd actually like to have a promotion to 'Charter Member' for the first 500 registered. Based on userid?


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This is 200% a must have feature. It is a good tool to restrict new members in case their intentions are poor and automatically reward those who prove over time they are legit.


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I guess that's already implemented. Please try to look for "User Upgrades" within Admin CP.
User upgrades require either manual insertion, or for someone to purchase the usergroup upgrade (it also limits the group change to a secondary group). Bassically, User Upgrades are the equivalant to paid subscriptions. What we are asking for is a system similar to VB's promotion system, where you can set a base usergroup, certain requirements to be promoted (posts greater than x, trophy points greater than x, registered for x days, etc), and the usergroup to be promoted to. Like the following:

New Member (say, can't edit posts).
To be promoted : Registered 7 days, have 5 trophy points
Once reached, Automatically Promoted to "Full Member" group and can now edit posts.


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I'd hate to compare with other forums, but I like how in other forums, when a person reaches a certain "rank" you can give that user group an image (w/html). I still havent been able to do this with xF and it is important on my forums.


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A Post count system please, not like Vb Promotions system but one that you can ad a post count directly to the node properties or when creating a node. I want make some forums open to members who have; lets say, 100 posts to view that forum. I hope that made sense? :eek:


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I like this method. I always hated having to create separate user groups just to allow users with X posts to view the forum.


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This is a pretty simple feature request and could add a nice bit of functionality for some admins. It would be great if in the creation/edit of a trophy a secondary user group could be assigned. Then any user that earned the associated trophy would automatically be added to that user group. This would be an excellent tool for hiding/revealing forums to certain new user or just limiting posting rights to newer users as an admin sees fit.

Thanks for reading and sorry if this is a feature that has already been requested (couldn't find one requested like it via search.) Thanks!


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Or just a cool surprise reward for people who earned a lot of awards. :) Like, you win an award for post count and voila, you see a brand new forum.
Exactly! :) Being able to base promotions in access user group level using the multiple existing meters built into the trophy system (as well as future meters that may be added) open up alot of possibilities on how to reward users!
Would love to see this as well. When combined with Trophies this would seem like a much improved promotions systems when compared to vB.