XF 1.5 Group Icons nodelist section titlebar h1


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I´m trying to add different Icons to titleBar h1

What i am looking for is that every titleBar h1 in one section is using the same Icon.
But within every Category i would like to have different Group Icons in titleBar h1

Not sure how to explain...

Well, lets say i have
Category 1 -> In there -> ForumBlue and ForumRed
Both of the Nodes Title in ForumBlue and ForumRed (titleBar h1) are using the same Icon before.

Category 2 -> has -> ForumGreen and ForumYellow
Both of the Nodes Title in ForumGreen and ForumYellow (titleBar h1) are using the same Icon before but a different one as in titleBar of ForumBlue and ForumRed

Using the Code below only displays an Icon globally
".forum_view .titleBar h1:before"

I have no Idea what class before .forum_view i need to use.