Group - Banned. What does this do?

I just added a user to the group Banned. What does this do? The user asked to have their account closed and I don't want them posting again.

Thanks in advance.



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Banned isn't a standard user group, so it's one that you have added or have imported from a previous migration.

Users are banned by using the Ban User button on the ACP home page, or visiting ACP > Users > User Discipline > Banned Users (or there are other ways as well).

Any banned user group is purely for styling purposes.
@Martok, thank you. It did become apparent to me when I added a user to my Banned group and then he kept posting - nothing seems to have happened. I did the second thing you mention - went to the list of banned user and clicked the button to manually add this one.

A further question, please - the user I banned shows up for me with strikethroughs in his username, but non-admin users see his username as they did previously. Why the difference, and is there a way to control this behavior?

Thanks in advance.