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Every now and then in the hardware world you come across various suppliers who make little gems. Companies who may not spend mega bucks on getting their name out there, or offer cheap products so get considered an inferior product, when what they offer is better than the "big boys".

My recent purchases were a monitor and headphones. Obviously browsing the popular hardware sites, you end up looking at the big brands, Asus, Benq, Samsung, Sennheiser, Steelseries, but once you get to the actual specs under the marketting, a lot of the time a lot was left to be desired.

So I thought why not start a thread where people can share those finds.

I'll start off with 2.

Iiyama B2475HDS Prolite monitor.

This monitor is arguably the best specced monitor for the price currently available. Just changing the default color profile from User to sRGB lands you with one of the best factory calibrated monitors going without further tweaking required. Perfect for anyone involved with graphic design or web design work. Using a professional calibration device makes only minor changes to get it perfect (almost indistinguishable from the sRGB setting)

It also comes with a real fast grey to grey responce time of 2ms (9ms G2G), meaning ghosting on fast images or gaming is basically unoticeable. And a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio provides incredible color depths.

To top it off it somes with 90 degree screen rotation, so you can have the screen in portrait or landscape depending on your requirements, with HDMI, DVI and Analogue input so it will work on nearly anything you can hook up to it.

The build quality comes in a black matte finish, which, while isn't the most attractive, is extremely well built and sturdy.

Having used 2 of them for about 6 months now, i've just ordered a 3rd.

Rating 5/5

Superlux HD668B Headphones

When working I like to listen to my music, usually quite loud. If I have guests or family around this means using a headset rather than the surround sound system.

In the past the undisputed kings of sound quality were the big brands, Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic. Headphones which cost you £150+ for a set. However, these little gems by Superlux are simply astonishing. I cannot stress how simply amazing these headphones are. And the price? £28. Yes. Thats right, a pair of £28 headphones which offer studio quality sound comparible and better than many £150+ headphones.

Whilst i'm not an audiophile by any stretch, I do have very acute hearing and when listening to music can often pick up on things most people do not. After switching from my old Sennheisers I paid just shy of £160 for only 2 years ago, these Superlux's just blew me away. The two 56 OHMS drivers produced clear, highly accurate sound with a great sound stage. Listening to a variety of music from Orchestral to rock to techno to powermetal to industrial, all the music was so incredibly crisp and clear. Listening to what I consider to be the best tests for headphones, Within Temptation's Our solemn hour black symphony,
the layers were well defined and you are able to distinctively pick out individual elements of the orchestra over the choir and metal. Sharon den Adel was clear and despite the recording balance on vocals being slightly to the right (yes, it is, most people cannot pick that out) the headphones had no issue playing it back as such. Astounding.

Switching to a quick game of counter strike source, the sound stage was amazing, I used to have a pair of steelseries siberias for my gaming needs, but i'll be putting those in the draw as backups, the Superlux's gave me everything I needed to hear exactly where the enemies were, and sound was very accurately placed.

Comfort wise, they need a bit of wearing and stretching out, but the adjustable rests and light weight meant they were comfortable after several hours of loud music and games. The cups are large and my ears didnt feel cramped at all. As a wearer of glasses, tight headhones are always an issue, but even right out of the box these did very well, once stretched out they will be amazing, I can tell already. The build quality is also exceptional, whilst the ear pad covers look like some sort of faux leather, they are very well put together, and having the cord detach at the headphones as well as at your source means any accidents with cable treading won end up yanking them off your head.

My only critisism is the very high pitched vocals can sometimes seem a little harsh, however most headphones need a good 50-100 hours burn in, so hopefully in a few days time this will resolve.

Rating 4.5/5


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For US (mostly) buyers, I always browse - these days most of the deals work cross-platform of course.
they also have dealnews.....

Slickdeals is another site where you can find some good deals..sometimes!

The problem is that you can end up getting addicted to buying great bargains!


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An update to the headphones, after leaving them playing almost none-stop (so coming up to around the 50 hours mark) I ended up listening to Trans-siberian Orchestras Mephistopheles' Return for about 2 hours straight, the layered chorus starting at 2 minutes is absolutely sublime.

The isolation is absolutely stunning. You can hear all 3 layers so clearly it's scary.



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Cheers for this thread Slavik, especially the headphones. My Sennheisers have reached the end of their natural life (OK, I admit it, I stood on them) and I usually pay £100+ for this brand, but just can't really afford to at the moment. So I was looking for a budget pair, the ones you have linked to certainly sound very, very good and the reviews on Amazon are all positive :)