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Although I've had the link in my sign for a couple months, our official Grand Opening is starting - we are looking for members interested in the pursuit (hobbyist drones, quadcopters) and having a giveaway of various prizes.

We also have available free draft copies of a new ebook for beginners.

Obviously, this is a very stock XF forum and I took over the old WP blog, but I've put some effort into getting the content going - with decent results. I'm hoping that the Grand Opening and Giveaway builds it up to critical mass so it will expand from there!

Site with announcement:
XF Forum for login and entry:

Thanks! Please spread the word to anyone who you think may have interest in this fun pursuit. The ebook is definitely worth reading for those who have some interest but no knowledge of the subject.


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Nice forum. (y)

Just a little niggle with the node icons. The right hand side of the node icons are chopped/cropped. And I'd personally style the Pinned threads in forum_view more prominent and in a better looking colour as this is very bright. Not sure you agree so that is a suggestion. Overall, nice work.


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thanks for the tips! As you can probably tell by all my work, I'm "quick and dirty".....comes with lacking a sense of style. I know what looks good, just can't make it so....

But I can fix the icons and maybe the color. I was a bit confused with too many choices on artys add-on!

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Cool drone story for you :)

Hacking U.S. Secrets, China Pushes for Drones

BEIJING — For almost two years, hackers based in Shanghai went after one foreign defense contractor after another, at least 20 in all. Their target, according to an American cybersecurity company that monitored the attacks, was the technology behind the United States’ clear lead in military drones.
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“I believe this is the largest campaign we’ve seen that has been focused on drone technology,” said Darien Kindlund, manager of threat intelligence at the company, FireEye, based in California. “It seems to align pretty well with the focus of the Chinese government to build up their own drone technology capabilities.”