Not a bug Gradients Not Loading Instantly on Chrome


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I can confirm this here on XenForo with consistency each time I refresh the page. Oddly enough, I'm not able to produce this consistently on KH-Flare with the default style. Seems to be only here on XenForo.

It's only for a very short instant, so many will probably not even notice it.

Without gradients:

Gradient 1.webp

With gradients:

Gradient 2.webp

Edit: Even the node icons and relative time don't load instantly.
It's just page loading - it takes a certain amount of time for all of the elements on the page to load.
I was expecting this to be a browser issue. Huh.

In any case, yeah, I figured as such. Chrome isn't slower than Firefox, at least for me, but I have noticed it has a delay when there's a lot, if that makes sense, which seems contradictory, but not really. For example, it takes a while for the History page of an article on Wikipedia to load fully on Chrome. Like, you'll be able to see it, but not click anything.
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