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Got weather

Adam Howard

Well-known member
Dear God,

Is this all you've got?

All joking aside, as soon as all 3 local weather stations announce the thunderstorm warning and tornado warning is over with and that its safe.... I see this outside my window.

2013-07-07 16-14-06.725.jpg

2013-07-07 16-16-36.349.jpg

2013-07-07 16-16-37.749.jpg

2013-07-07 16-18-27.044.jpg

2013-07-07 16-20-09.436.jpg

Ernest L. Defoe

Well-known member
Gotta love getting the all clear and then look outside and still see tornadoes forming. Thankfully I have never seen any while driving (professional over the road truck driver), but I have been asleep in my truck when one hit the truck stop I was parked at for the night. Talking about a scary feeling knowing there is nothing you can do except hold on and wait for the ride to be over. Thankfully I had minimal damage done to my truck. It just shattered one of my mirrors. The guy beside me lost both of his completely (they were ripped off his truck).

Adam Howard

Well-known member
Gotta love getting the all clear and then look outside and still see tornadoes forming.
I thought it was ironic.

All 3 local news stations and the national weather service, all said all was well. But what made it more ironic was when they announced the warnings, my part of the world was almost clear skies. And as soon as they said everything was all good... About 10 minutes later I saw that outside my window.

Fred Sherman

Well-known member
Tornadoes in Texas just means its spring time. We've learned to accept it. Thats not the first one I've seen a mile and a half from my front porch, just the largest. But since I've recently moved from Dallas to San Antonio, I hope it will be the last. Tornado Alley doesn't extend this far south.


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Pittsburgh has been getting flash flood warnings (We've received 2 today) and has been flooding in several areas. I work at a company where everyone has a smart phone. They just issued another alert for Flash flood. 80 alarms *just* went off in my work due to it. Talk about annoyingly funny (considering it takes user action to shut them off).