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I have a few problems and I hope somebody can help me find out how to fix them.

Problem: First one is the problem that all the phrases have to be saved each individually to make them work so they don't show things_like_this.

Question: is there a way to fix this or do this a lot faster?

Problem: Second one is the problem that all the icons are missing such as the bb-code icon, the smileys and even the inbox, alert and log out icons are missing. This was all of the sudden so I have no clue what happened to it.

Question: how do I fix it?

Problem: another problem is that my breadcrumb went kinda weird. All of the sudden the arrows were gone and there was just one large bar. I've tried to fix it but after some hours nothing worked.

Question: Can I have a copy of the template which has the setup for an arrow structure.

Bug: First one is that whenever I try to open or even leave my mouse on the tab "alerts" or "inbox" it simply triggers an error saying something like "Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again". This one came sorta out of the blue as well.

Question: Is there a fix for this?

Problem: Last problem would be something I want to implement in my site. I just can't make it work. I barely know what to do to achieve it so help please.
I want navigation tabs to have backgrounds instead of text and I want to have a different background on the tab (each tab a different background) when you hover it. And I want it to change back once you take your mouse off the tab. I want this change of backgrounds to go by a fading effect.

Question: can somebody help me create this? It would be awesome!

Bug: Last one would be that I can't move my Nav tabs (account, inbox, alerts & log out) up. this way you are barely able to click them since somehow the link is dislocated or something really I have no clue but when you hold your mouse on the top edge of the tab, you can click it with result.

Question: can anyone fix this or is there already a fix for it?
First, none of these are bugs. A bug would be a problem in the code that affects multiple people.

You have some serious problems and unfortunately they will all be caused by some sort of server, style or user error.

Can you share the URL to your board? Doing so may tell us a lot so we can help you work out what went wrong.
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