XF 1.4 Google's sitelinks search box

Hi all,

I'm new with the forum and have just noticed that search queries are cached.

I'm looking in to implementing Google's sitelinks search box as detailed here: https://developers.google.com/webmasters/richsnippets/sitelinkssearch

To implement it you need a non caching search system.

Google ask for the following as part of a js script.

But the forum uses "/index.php?search/7/&q=ajax", with the /7/ being the cache.

If I implemented Google's code as

It always reverts to the /7/ cache for whatever the search phrase is.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this?

Thanks Jake, I added the return false; to line 99 and no luck. It still seems to be redirecting to /search/24/?q=applications&o=date

Even though I used the URL as suggested: /index.php?search/search/&keywords=applications

So it must be caching somewhere.

Any ideas?
OK, I followed the instructions in detail but 1.4 still redirects to the cached version and starts at 1 after the Truncate.

I see that xenforo have this enabled and working so there must be a solution here.

Would you know how this board managed to stop the caching?



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Caching wasn't disabled. The search is just pointed to the actual search request (which redirects to the results, which are cached). This is totally expected.