XF 1.3 Google+/Twitter Registration, User Upgrade Logs, Censor Improvement

Let's look at a few more features coming in XenForo 1.3.

Google+ and Twitter Registration/Login

Like the Facebook registration/login that we've had, XenForo 1.3 will now support registering via Google+ or Twitter:


The first time a user clicks one of those buttons, they'll be taken to the correct service to validate the request. They will then be redirected back to the forum. If they have already registered, they will be logged in automatically; otherwise, they will have the option to complete the registration or associate with an existing account.

Like with the existing Facebook integration, to use Twitter and Google+ registration, you will need to create the necessary "app" with their services and enter the public and private keys into your XenForo installation.

The Facebook Integration page has now been replaced with a generic External Accounts page that allows the user to manage their associations with external accounts. Add-on developers can now add their association controls to this page instead of creating a new page for each account.

Further, from a technical standpoint, the xf_user_profile table now has an external_auth field that maps provider keys to the provider ID. Inserting an external auth record will automatically update this. This field means that a dedicated column does not need to be added for each external authentication system.

User Upgrade Transaction Logs

To aid in debugging user upgrade problems, the transaction logs are now viewable from the control panel. Each time the payment processor (by default, only PayPal) makes a call to your server, this will be logged in the transaction log. If you are having problems with an upgrade not being triggered, the transaction log should tell you why.

First, you'll see an overview of the transactions:


And you can dive into all the details for each call:


If you're looking for a particular entry, you can use the search form to do this. Note that the transaction and subscriber IDs are values from PayPal, so they can often be used to relate a particular call to a log entry you're seeing in PayPal (or vice versa).


Censor Improvement

Finally today, XenForo 1.3 has tweaked the censoring system to give you more control. Primarily, this is designed to workaround the "Scunthorpe problem"--you should see the issue right here until we roll out 1.3.

Previously, censoring was either an exact match or a match that occurred anywhere in the word. Now, you control whether the match is exact, at the beginning, at the end, or anywhere. This is done by placing * wildcard characters at the beginning or end as needed:
  • dog - matches exactly dog
  • dog* - matches any word starting with dog (dog, dogs, dogma, etc)
  • *dog - matches any word ending with dog (dog, hotdog, etc)
  • *dog* - matches any occurrence of dog (dog, dogs, hotdog... some word that has "dog" in the middle :))
This will make actual swear-based censoring more accurate as, in many cases, you would only want to put the wildcard at the end.

Stay tuned for more...


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First XD

Yes time to remove one of my addons.

For the censor improvement, i wonder what will happen with romaji Japanese words, such as the word aishiteiru.

Edit: Yup it did block it haha, even though the word means I love you lol.
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John L.

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Yet another addon I can remove. Thanks a bunch @Mike

What about those of us using old social integration addons? What happenes when we uninstall that and use the new features of 1.3?


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What about those of us using old social integration addons? What happenes when we uninstall that and use the new features of 1.3?
Unfortunately, as with add-ons in general, you'd need to talk to the author (and possibly wait for them to test/tweak).

Chris D

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Hmm, I hope the addon author can transfer the authentication tokens over...
It probably won't be necessary.

If I recall, as long as the application ID and application secret for each service stays the same (and there's no reason why it can't), the authorisation process should be taken care of. e.g. Your user's social media accounts have already authorised your application, so at worst the user will have to re-login (as in click the "Login with X" button) to that service and it should plop a new authentication token in the new core system for handling that.


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I have such a dirty mind, it took me far too many swears to realise what it obviously is :ROFLMAO:

@Mike - I've just realised that the censor is unlikely to allow for my surname, as you will no doubt want to censor ********, dickbrain etc. As Dickson also starts with this then this will also be censored.

Is there any way that exceptions could be added to the censor?

Liam W

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Some good improvements there!

With the change to the censor, maybe Xenforo will finally allow my surname to be displayed here in a post! It's ****son BTW. ;)

Nope, can't get it...

Oh well!

Still, my county has a similar issue on some heavily censored forums... cumbria.