Google Integration Manual Update


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Today I was trying to follow the Google Integration manual and found it difficult to locate certain things. The link in the manual redirects to another URL and perhaps Google has changed the interface drastically from what was was there before. The manual needs an update from the perspective of someone who never used Google's console before.


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Anyone have the update steps?
Tried to create updated guide, but I might have missed some step. Hopefully not though.

Creating the Google Project

  1. Browse to and log in with your Google account. Note that the email address associated with this account may be displayed when users register using their Google account.
  2. Click the Create Project button and enter a name and ID. These will only be used internally.
  3. Once the project is created, click hamburger Menu button located at the top left of the page, then API MANAGER, then Credentials in the sidebar, then select OAuth Consent Screen and complete the details as necessary and save the settings. After that click CREATE CREDENTIALS select OAuth Client ID, then select WEB APPLICATION
    • In both the AUTHORIZED JAVASCRIPT ORIGINS and AUTHORIZED REDIRECT URIS fields, enter your board URL. Note that if users access your site both with and without the "www" ( and, you should enter both URLs. Similarly, if users can access your site both with and without HTTPS, you should enter a value with http and https. Each URL should be placed on its own line.
    • Double check all of the URLs are correct and then click the Create Client ID button. The Create Client ID overlay will be displayed again so just click the Cancel button.
  4. On the Credentials page, make a note of the CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET. Copy these values into the respective fields in the Options > Google Integration section of the XenForo control panel.
  5. Finally, test your integration. You can do this via XenForo by going to your account, choosing the External Accounts option and attempting to associate your Google account.
To change the values displayed when a user attempts to register via Google, you can customize this in your Google project via APIs & auth > Consent screen.

  • Complete the details as necessary and save the settings.