XF 1.1 Google Custom Search in OverlayTrigger ?


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Trying to find a good option to implement Google Custom Search. I'd like to put a link for search that shows like viewing a member card, you know? Just showing the form field and maybe the search button.

I want the search results to either fill the overlay popup or even better, show up on a page (a page like a page created under application in Xenforo).

Is this possible?

Tl;Dr: Google Custom Search in overlay popup, search results displayed on page.


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Could you explain a little better, Trouble understanding what you actually mean ?

Regards, Darren
I want to use Google Custom Search instead for the built in. The built in never shows me what I want to find...
Anyway, I'd like Google Custom Search to be in a popup, like the Xenforo member card view.