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Add Google Custom Search form to your Advance Search

Mr Lucky

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Google Custom Search form to your Advance Search - How to add a Google custom search

This will add a Google custom search form to your xenforo Advanced Search and will do a Google search of your site/s.

You will of course first need to sign up and have registered your site/s with Google CSE

Once you have configured that you will be able to get the code you can add to the form

1. At the end of the template search_form add the following. Text in capitals is to be replaced.

<xf:comment>Google Custom Serach Form starts...
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All that said. :cool:

This corrected the problem.

.gsc-control-cse .gsc-table-result {
    font-family : inherit;

.gsc-control-cse .gsc-input-box {
    height : inherit;

.gsc-search-button, input.gsc-search-button-v2 {
    box-sizing  : content-box;
    line-height : normal;
    margin-top  : 0px;

Mr Lucky

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Glad you got that sorted, was it maybe a conflict with a style you are using as the Google code should normally work without that?


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I'm glad you found a solution. Yes, it depends what style for GCS you set in options. I needed to add the code I've sent you before.