google apps and google webmaster tools conflict. How do I use both?


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Not a Xenforo problem btw, I'm not sure if this is the right forum? I'm linking my new domain's email to google apps. It wants me to add this into the <head> of my homepage

<meta content="xLRLhUJa4vAh7KTDiHAgMll9k-9SJcrPkw6d9XwuJYk" name="google-site-verification">
Next I tried to set my site up with webmaster tool, which, to verify my website I need to add another meta tag.

<meta content="vBImX45-GHzWINAQwpNP14Vk2QUueP3d2yqY7pgAwbA" name="google-site-verification">
obviously they're conflicting each other. What should I do in this case?


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You can verify for Webmaster tools using an html file in the root.

It's an option available on the Google verification page.

Recommended: Upload an HTML file to your server
You can use this option if you can upload new files to your site.


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I see. Thanks Brogan

I'm trying to find the option to change my verification. I can't seem to find it... any pointer?