Fixed Google Analytics not verifying "big" accounts

Andy Huang

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My analytics account is getting huge, and I should really make more, but in the mean time, my analytics UA code ends in double digits. The default XenForo installation checks for UA-XXXXXX-Y instead of -YY, and this causes a problem. To resolve this for the current beta build (future versions will have this sorted), you will need to modify a file.

Open /library/XenForo/DataWriter/Helper/Option.php
if ($wpId !== '' && !preg_match('/^UA-\d+-\d$/', $wpId))
Replace with:
if ($wpId !== '' && !preg_match('/^UA-\d+-\d+$/', $wpId))
Kier mentioned that he fixed it as we chatted on Skype already, so I've already appended the Fixed tag in the thread title.