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Hey everyone,

While reviewing our Google Analytics - Users Flow I noticed that there is a huge drop off for /threads. (see attached image) There's a 96% drop off rate.

Is this because there's nothing there for the URL /threads?


Would a redirect forcing traffic to New Posts for example help with this?
Side note: I tried creating a redirect in .htaccess with no success.

Could those be bounces by people who found you on Google? It is in the "Starting Page" column. Perhaps make a custom segment that excludes bounces?
We see the same and I've never properly understood how the flow works, especially when most pages are from a base index.php.
Perhaps make a custom segment that excludes bounces?
But the question is, what is really going on there? How is traffic going to if that page doesn't exist? It's just an error page. How are people getting to that page in the first place? And if people are really going to that page, and getting an error, shouldn't there be something else on that page besides an error page to push people back into the forum?
I think (but I could be wrong) that it's just aggregating all the pages beneath the /threads deliminator, so effectively all threads that aren't big enough to have their own distinct segment in the flow graph. So as @ForestForTrees says, the large drop off might be from search traffic.
This is ours. I really don't get what the huge drop-off means from the index.php page. There're no obvious problems with our site.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 19.48.13.png
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