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Google Adwords team enforcing harder on sitelinks spam....

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Carlos, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    So, I received an email from google today, and it's about sitelinks. Google has noticed an increase in sitelinks "spam" via duplicate links...

    We're making a policy enforcement change that could affect the performance
    of any AdWords campaign that uses sitelinks. If you use sitelinks now, or
    plan to use sitelinks in the future, please continue reading to understand
    the changes and suggested steps you can take to avoid any negative impact
    to your campaigns.

    Sitelinks make your ads more valuable by showing additional direct links to
    specific web pages that you want to promote. Users get to specific
    destinations on your web site more quickly. And, on average, you'll see a
    higher clickthrough rate for your ads. That makes sitelinks a great way to
    improve your campaign performance. To see images or learn more about
    sitelinks, please see this AdWords Help Center article

    To ensure that users have a good experience with ad sitelinks, our existing
    policy requires each sitelink in a campaign to link to a different landing
    page URL with unique content on the landing page. That means a user can
    expect a meaningfully different landing page experience for each sitelink.

    Recently, we've noticed an increase in the number of sitelinks created with
    the same landing pages or the same content. So in the coming month, we will
    begin more proactive enforcement of our existing policy. Initially, we'll
    focus on new and recently changed sitelinks. As your ads are being served,
    our systems will verify that your sitelinks meet the policy standards.
    Sitelinks that don't meet the standards will be restricted from appearing.

    Having fewer eligible sitelinks could keep your ad from showing in the
    larger 2-line and 3-line formats, where more eligible sitelinks are
    required. Remember, larger formats are more visible and typically have
    higher average clickthrough rates (CTR). And if you don't have enough
    eligible sitelinks in your campaign, then your ads may not display
    sitelinks at all.

    We realize that manually checking and fixing duplicates for your existing
    sitelinks and landing pages might take some time and coordination. So we're
    delaying more proactive enforcement with existing sitelinks for a few
    months. But don't wait until the last minute. And remember, any sitelink
    that you add or change will be subject to proactive enforcement right away.

    To increase the chances of having more sitelinks shown with your ads, we
    recommend having 6-10 unique sitelinks in each of your campaigns.

    If you already have campaigns with sitelinks, we'd suggest reviewing each
    campaign to verify that it has 6-10 unique sitelinks. You'd probably want
    to start with the campaigns that show sitelinks most often. Usually, this
    would be a campaign with keywords like your business name and its
    best-known products and services.

    Here's how you can work through this using the AdWords interface.
    1. Log into the AdWords interface and click on the "Ad Extensions" tab.
    2. Select "Sitelinks Extensions" from the drop down menu.
    3. Sort your sitelink extensions by impressions or clicks by clicking on
    the column header.
    4. Click on each sitelink in the top campaign and follow it through to its
    landing page (there's no charge for these clicks).
    5. Fix any duplicates you find in each campaign by hovering over the
    extension area and clicking the pencil icon.​

    When I read this "owh! Really?" People actually slip main site links into sitelinks? What are you, desperate?

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